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Guidebook schedule


Is the Boskone schedule going to be available on Guidebook this year?

The Kaffeeklatsch Schedule Is Up.

Kaffeeklatsch Schedule. Advanced sign-up required at Program Ops in the Galleria the day before each KK.

PR 2 is online

The Boskone 51 Schedule Is Up

The Boskone 51 schedule is online, in a variety of file formats, along with a grid and the schedule sorted by panelist.

The hotel block has been extended until January 24, 2014.

Coming to Boskone? Enter the Flash Fiction Contest.

Deadlines and Some Gaming Information


Ad copy/payment for the Souvenir Book due 1/3/2014

Hotel block closes on 1/14/2014

Pre-registration closes on 1/22/2014

Some Gaming info is up - more to follow.
We're bringing back book discussion this year. The purpose of the Book Club is to get people together to discuss a specific book. The volume under review will be Parasite by Mira Grant (the nom de plume our Guest, Seanan McGuire, uses for horror). Bob Kuhn will lead the discussion on Sunday at Boskone. Read the book and join in the discussion!

The Saturday evening event after the awards ceremony will be the Reduced William Shakespeare's Star Wars Reading, starring Jane Yolen, Bruce Coville, David Grubbs, Kate Baker, Bob Kuhn and a cast of about 10. Adapted and directed by Laurie Mann.

Restaurant Guide 2014 Update is online. Check the Restaurant page for additional information on local eateries.

It is possible that the closure of the Callahan Tunnel may impact traffic between downtown and Logan Airport so plan accordingly.

Friday Night - We'll be kicking off the Friday night reception with a "Meet the Guests" and Jane Yolen Birthday Party.

Saturday Night - We'll be starting with a Filk Jam with our Featured FIlker, Bill Roper, and other talented filkers. Then, we'll have our award presentation. Followed by an amusing play from the pen of Esther Friesner.

More program participants added.