February 8th, 2011

The Redhead

Commuting to Boskone

Just a reminder, the streets are bit narrower in Boston with all the extra snow. Street parking may be hard to find this year.

Other options:

1) Take the MBTA.
Check the schedule before you go for weekend and holiday schedules.
  • Silver Line Sl1 and Sl2
  • Bus 4, 7, 11
  • Walk from South Station (About 6/10 of mile if you exit via the Summer Street exit)
  • Park at a MBTA lot (Alewife, JFK Umass, Commuter Rail Lot etc) and take the MBTA

2) Use a ZipCar once you are there

3) Pay for Parking:

4) Find a meter. Check it Carefully!

  • Parking meters are operated by the City of Boston AND by the Massachusetts Port Authority, depending on the location of the meter. Check the hours of operations and the maximum hours carefully as the may vary. Example: Some are for only 15-minute parking.
  • Check the rate and bring quarters.  Some are still at the old rate of $1 per hour.  Some are now $1.25 per hour.
  • Time limits indicate that a vehicle is not permitted to park in the same space for longer than the amount of time specified. Even if the parking meter has been paid for additional time, law enforcement has the right to issue a parking violation for parking over the permitted time limit if you remain in the same spot.
  • Handicap plate/handicap placard vehicles have some different rules. City of Boston meters- Time limits and fees do not apply. Massport Meters - Time limits DO apply.
  • Some spots on the "newer" streets like Marina Park Drive do not have individual meters and are in force 24 hrs a day.  So read your signs when you park.
5) Share a ride with a group of friends