February 11th, 2011

Video Schedule

Boskone 48 Video Schedule




FUNimation; PG for mild violence, language

If anyone’s taken over the world by now, it’s probably Mark Zuckerberg. Now imagine if Zuckerberg turned Facebook into a psychadelic Japanese videogame. And then a hacker used the game to destroy all life on earth. In this Annie Award-nominated film, it’s up to some nerds to save humanity, so you’ll still have a human race to dominate, of course.

8.0: BREAK

9.0: Death Note

VIZ Pictures; PG-13 for violence, language, psychological horror

Light Yagami is a genius, and bored. Ryuk is a god of death, and also bored. Naturally, they team up to kill all criminals with a magic notebook and attempt to become the rulers of this new, “moral” world. Based on the controversial manga which was also adapted into an anime on Adult Swim, this film’s mind games will keep you enthralled.

11.0: Hetalia Axis Powers

FUNimation; TV-MA for language, sexual content, ethnic humor

There was once a great conqueror named Roman Empire (yes, countries are people for some reason, deal with it). One day he disappeared, leaving his grandson Italy to obsess over pasta and come running to his gay lover Germany. WWII has never been as much fun as in this banned-in-Korea edutainment about countries’ desire for “vital regions.”

12.0: Excel Saga

FUNimation; TV-MA for bloody cartoony violence, language, sexual content

HAIL ILLPALLAZZO! Obviously there is only one proper way to take over the world: form an army consisting of a hyperactive moron and a terminally ill alien princess, bend any sense of the laws of life, death, and physics, and engage in various genre parodies while torturing the author of the original source material. Indeed, very proper.


6.0: Family World Domination Cartoon Program

WB/Paramount/Crunchyroll/FUNimation; TV-PG for cartoony violence

Hey, kids! Want to take over the world? Many great (and not-so-great) minds have tried. Most failed. Watch and learn from some of the funniest of these failures (and the occasional unsatisfactory success). Aspiring dictators of all ages should enjoy this showcase of the best in evil-minded animation!

7.5: The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut

Richard Williams Animation; not rated (around PG for violence, innuendo)

Master animator Richard Williams of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? fame worked on this passion project for over 20 years. When he finally got the money to finish it, the studio took the film away from him. This fan-made restoration contains some unfinished animation but incredible eye candy and a great villain played by the late Vincent Price.

9.0: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Bandai; TV-14 for language, sexual content

OK, you may think you can take over the world, but you just can’t beat God. God happens to be a Japanese high school girl and created the world just three years ago, by the way. If you can’t beat her, join her: the Saving the World by Overloading it With Fun Haruhi Suzumiya (SOS) Brigade is now accepting new applicants!

10.25: Code Geass

Bandai; TV-14 for violence, sexual content, nudity

The British are coming! … OK, technically they’re the Brittanians, and their headquarters is in America for some reason, but they’ve taken over Japan! Prince Lulouch is now fighting against his father’s empire using mind control powers he got from a mysterous naked chick, but what does he really want with that power? Also, there’s giant robots.

11.5: The Complete Metropolis

public domain; PG for mild violence

Censors and studio executives couldn’t take over this 98% complete cut of Fritz Lang’s much sought-after holy grail of science-fiction cinema. This restored classic shows that even if we can’t take over the world, we can force whoever does to have a heart. And if even if we can’t, there are worse ways to die than by sexy robot stripper.