February 14th, 2011

The Redhead

You asked and I looked!

There were folks looking for Thai or Indian delivery last year.  (As well as non-salad vegetarian dinners.)
I spoke to a few places and found that these will do delivery to the hotel.

Rock Sugar Thai Cafe is self described as "Groovy Thai Food"
It has standards such as tofu triangles, shumai, Tom Yum soup, chicken coconut soup, pad thai, mango fried rice,  drunken noodles,  and many curry dishes.  For those dining in a group or having a party, catering is available.   Tel: (617) 482-6046  http://rocksugarthaicafe.com/restaurant/start.asp
(I just had a bowl of Annie's coconut soup and it was QUITE Tasty!)

Cafe Mamtaz serves authentic gourmet Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi cuisine.  Very friendly folks and they understand what vegan means!   They have standards such as  tikka masala, gosht vindaloo, shahi pulau, mulligatawny soup, lamb samosas and tandoori dishes.  They also do catering. Tel: (617) 464-4800 http://www.cafemamtaz.com/  (or order online)

Lee Chens has both Chinese and Mexican dishes.  Beans are cooked without animal products. Tel: (617) 269-0061

KO Catering is strictly take away food but if there are any homesick Aussies in the crowd, it might be worth to stop off early to pickup some meat pies or other Australian favorites. http://www.kocateringandpies.com/restaurant