February 18th, 2011

wood cat

Bake sale tomorrow!

The Tiptree Bake Sale (also benefiting the Carl Brandon Society) will be tomorrow, Saturday, downstairs in the Galleria, directly across from the double doors into the space.

I will be setting up as close to 9:00 as I can manage and will be there until we run out of food.

Among the goodies will be blueberry and chocolate chip muffins, soft chocolate chip cookies, raspberry muffins and maple walnut brownies from papersky, and cheese bread, so please do come by!

ETA: other foods: orange truffles and mocha truffles from dxmachina; sweet oak cakes from Lousia; butterscotch blondies from Ruth Alfasso; vegan molasses cookies from Rebecaa Burstein; and gluten-free currant scones from Mary Ann Marcinkiewicz. Thank you very much, everyone—it all looked and tasted so good that we sold out at 2:00!